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Hi! I'm Ilayda.

My journey in marketing started with managing social media accounts in college for extra $$$ for travelling.

My major was Business Economics and I was very into marketing. Running freelance social media management and doing internships,

After graduating, I started working in marketing for cool brand of a well-known company.

Today, I have my own marketing agency Küçük & Co. where I help clients rocket their businesses, build strong brands and create killer strategies.

With my 8 years of experience in marketing, I wake up everyday to make a difference.

Meet the team

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Biray Ç.

Larami Loops Founder

When I first met İlayda, I was trying to turn my hobby into a business. We aimed to reach a large audience while keeping a high standard for my personally-designed products. I entrusted İlayda with managing my brand and website, allowing me to focus on new projects. Having a business partner who understands, listens, and enjoys working with me has been invaluable on my business journey. İlayda will be my first choice in the future. 

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